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1. OTA Space Program Advisory Panel meeting, 16 August 1980. Issues and activities of the OTA Space Policy and Applications Study. Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, Office of Technology Assessment, Technology Assessment Board, 1980. 4p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1534. 

2. RCA News. RCA Astro-Electronics celebrates 25th anniversary with 1958 cafeteria prices. Mentions launch of 28th in the TIROS series of RCA-built weather satellites, NOAA-E. Cherry Hill, NJ, RCA, Governmental Systems, RCA News and Information, 28 March 1983. 2p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1664. 

3. The Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade has recommended that land remote sensing satellites and meteorological satellites (Landsats and metsats) be transferred as soon as possible to the private sectorWashington Remote Sensing Letter, Volume: 2, Issue: 11, 11 December 1982. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1849, attachment. 

4. Agenda. Provisional agenda. TEB-IV/Doc.1, rev.1. Item 1.3. Geneva, International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU); World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 1973. 2p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1956, attachment. 

5. Data display: High-speed device displays and records output from computer. Article on the Computing Facility of NCAR acquiring a dd80 high-speed output records to use with its Control Data 3600 computer. pp.10-11. Call Number: SSEC VES No.2298. 

6. BOMEX operational phases. List of specific dates for phases one through four. s.l., n.a., n.d.. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.2812. 

7. Newspaper article. Oregon women to hear talk on satellite. Article on Oregon Women's club speaker Verner Suomi who will be discussing 'Data scientists are receiving from satellite Explore VIIWisconsin State Journal, 8 January 1961. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3444. 

8. Newspaper article. Briefs for senior citizens. Thank God for the greenhouse effect. Article on University of Wisconsin-Madison Plato Society's first session. Talk to be given by Verner Suomi will be titled 'Thank God for the greenhouse effectCapital Times, 31 January 1989. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3698. 

9. Announcement. 1958 Angus Ward Forum, 11 November 1958. Lecture by Verner E. Suomi. What are the US responsibilities in science an space?. Hancock, MI, Suomi College, 1958. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.4150. 

10. Suomi's cat scanner. Handwritten note with drawings. n.d.. 7p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.0857. 

11. Notes for Space Cap [Space Capsule] concerning National Medal of Science, Space Telescope, and visit from GSFC to review facilities. Madison, WI, n.d.. 3p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1061. 

12. LPATS: Lightning Position And Tracking System. Network configuration, April 1983. Minneapolis, MN, R-SCAN Corporation, 1983. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1874. 

13. RTOP Tropical Heat Budget, Verner E. Suomi. Detailed description of strategy and expected accomplishments for FY1995. s.l., n.a., 9 June 1995. 2p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3271, attachment. 

14. Newspaper article. UW project provides link in weather forecast system. Article on research at the University of Wisconsin for accurate five-day forecast. Researcher Fred Mosher works with McIDAS to complete program begun 7 years ago by Verner Suomi toWisconsin State Journal, 2 November 1975. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3497. 

15. Equation. Hand written in red ink with blue ink labels for each part. Labels include: Measured on balloon; measured from balloon fleet; measured using radio and pressure altitude and balloon location; infrared from potential temperature change. s.l., n.d.. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3953. 

16. Caption. Technology for a better environment. Description of the Walter Ahlstrom Prize.. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.4199. 

17. Photograph. ATS satellite image of Earth. Full disk. 8x10 inches. Black and white. s.l., n.a., 30 December 1970. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.4431. 

18. 25 years of space business growth. Captioned pictures of RCA expansion. Princeton, NJ, RCA, Astron-Electronics, March 1983. 1p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1665. 

19. For sale: Great VU. A plan to turn two of Commerce's satellite operations over to the private sector has been blessed by the Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade, but the proposal is likely to face scrutiny on Capitol HillThe Washington Post, 24 January 1983, The Federal Report. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1849, attachment. 

20. Memorandum: Explanatory memorandum relating to the provisional agenda. TEB-IV/Doc.2. Item 1.3. Geneva, International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU); World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 1973. 3p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.1956, attachment. 

21. Data acquisition system feature summary. 3p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.2299. 

22. Newspaper article. U.W. scientist granted $5,000. Article on grant from US Steel to Verner Suomi to finance meteorology studies and support Suomi's work in atmospheric researchSheboygan Press, 17 November 1961. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3445. 

23. Newspaper article. Damage from fire: $100,000. Article about fire destroying home of Reid Bryson. Verner Suomi was helping Bryson salvage items laterCapital Times, 23 January 1990. Call Number: SSEC VES No.3699. 

24. Amendment to Application of Verner E. Suomi, serial no.566,163 filed 1 December 1944 for Audio-frequency Recorder. P-387. Washington, DC, Commissioner of Patents, 14 January 1948. 7p. Call Number: SSEC VES No.4385. 

25. Study documents. SESAC Task Force on the Scientific Uses of Space Station. List of 42 documents [Space and Earth Science Advisory Committee]. 26 March 1984. 3p., attachment. Call Number: SSEC VES No.0664.